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Household telemetry. Monitoring and remote control. Gas, electricity and water consumption control.

Micronika offers its own solutions in the field of the latest generation of intelligent networked systems for household telemetry. This enables its customers (subscribers) and administrators (energy suppliers, utilities, etc.), by creating a network of smart meters (meters) and devices for collecting, storing, processing and displaying information, to organize their own smart networks with a certain set of functions performed.

The company "Micronika" is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of the measuring industry, construction and implementation of intelligent telemetry network systems. Our solutions and services are designed to meet real-time monitoring and control needs.

Micronika focuses on a unique, two-way innovative wireless technology and an integrated software platform for managing and monitoring all resources transmitted over distribution networks.

We specialize in the design and development of advanced tools in the field of household telemetry of consumed resources, such as electricity, gas, water, etc., due to which the development of urban household utility networks and their rise to a higher level of development.

Benefits of our solutions

Micronika's technologies are now included in a range of products and services that provide an unrivaled cost-benefit ratio over current task execution methods, by individual supplier and utility divisions related to resource delivery.

Solutions developed by Micronika allow you to manage and control the entire resource distribution network, while providing:

  • the ability to remotely control meters;
  • identification of malfunctions and analysis of the performance of protection devices;
  • clear tracking, safety and billing of consumed resources;
  • enhancements to software, reporting and analytics that can play a role in the creation and implementation of the next generation of smart grids.

Micronika's technologies are ideally suited to meet the monitoring and control needs of utility networks.

Intelligent telemetry systems are developed and implemented in order to reduce losses or eliminate leaks in utility networks of electricity, gas, water, heat, as well as to interest the consumer in obtaining an opportunity to save consumed resources through their operational control.

Household telemetry system


The lowest level of an intelligent telemetry system includes end nodes - communication points. These devices can be integrated or independently connected to metering devices - electricity, gas, water, heat meters or any other sensor.

The communications infrastructure provides communications between endpoint communications devices and control center application software. It is based on standard publicly available public networks such as cellular (GPRS), wireless (Wi-Fi), or wired (TCP / IP).

At the highest level, with the help of software developed by Micronika, data processing and display is carried out, both for the client and for operators of supplier companies, utilities.

Our company is successfully developing and has an authority on the market for the development and production of equipment for automation of production processes . Check out our products and services. Perhaps in some way we will become useful to you today, as we have helped hundreds of grateful clients before.

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