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BMT telemetry modules

Wireless telemetry modules BMT-I / M / C are intended for household meters of gas, electricity, cold and hot water.

Telemetry module BMT-I

For household energy meters with a "dry contact" pulse output

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Telemetry module BMT-M

Telemetry module with magnetic sensor for energy meters

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Telemetry module BMT-C

For household energy meters with digital output

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Standalone pressure and temperature sensor

Name Overpressure range Absolute pressure ranges Temperature ranges
BBT-DDT 0 ~ 40 kPa 0 ~ 160kPa
0 ~ 400kPa
0 ~ 600kPa
0 ~ 1.0MPa
0 ~ 1.6MPa
0 ~ 2.5MPa
0 ~ 4.0Mpa
-40°C +85°C
0°C +135°C
Main advantages:
  • Data transmission to the collection server using GPRS or NB-IoT technology.
  • Measurement of absolute pressure of media neutral to stainless steel AISI 316L (AISI 304S) (gases, steam, water, slightly aggressive liquids).
  • Permissible overload 1.5 Pmax.
  • Battery life up to 5 years (depends on the frequency of measurements and data transmission).
  • The guaranteed number of data transmission sessions to the data collection server is 5,000, 7,500, 10,000.
  • The possibility of charging the internal battery by the service department.
  • The ability to receive data through a cross-platform OPC UA Server of its own design, provided free of charge using a SCADA client.
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Universal telemetry module for gas correctors

Name Corrector type Frequency range Life time
UMT INR-v3 ЕК260..290 GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Up to 10 years Order
The universal telemetry module Micronika INR v3 is designed for:
  • data transmission from EK260..290 gas volume correctors to the dispatcher's workplace or data collection server, via the GSM (GPRS) network in CSD, UDP, TCP / IP modes;
  • retransmission of the four-wire RS485 interface (FULL-duplex) of EK260..290 volume correctors to the hazardous area;
  • reading data from a gas volume corrector through a high-speed USB 2.0 interface;
  • supply of electronic correctors of gas volume EK260..290, installed in an explosive zone, with uninterrupted and stabilized voltage.
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UMT 3GMicro

Universal telemetry module for gas meters

Name Counter type Frequency range Life time
3GMicro INZ.GSM-v1 Elster GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Up to 3 years Order
3GMicro INZ.GSM-v2 Elster GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Up to 12 years Order

GSM SIM card for telemetry is purchased separately

Maintenance cost: 432 rubles / 3 years, 1728 rubles / 12 years

Additional device information

UMIP 12.4-А8/8

Universal measuring module, programmable

  • 8 analog inputs 4-20mA
  • 8 discrete I / O channels
  • Mounting: DIN rail
Universal measuring module
Name Data transmission interface Supply voltage Usup Current consumption I
UMIP 12.4-А8/8 RS-485 +24V no more than 150mA
  • The universal programmable 8-channel measuring module UMIP12.4-A8 / 8 is designed to measure the parameters of various types of sensors with a current output of 4-20mA.
  • The module is adaptively programmed for a different number of discrete signals, with the ability to program the input / output.
  • It is used in dispatching systems for housing and communal services and energy.
  • It is a means of measuring equipment of the Russian Federation.
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GSM-concentrator 3G-Micro СMG

User guide (PDF)

GSM-module 3G-Micro SML-GPRS/3G

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Radio-module 3G-Micro SMZB-50/100

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GSM equipment. Efficiency and accuracy of measurements.

The Mikroniсa company offers a wide range of compact and energy efficient GSM equipment and services for various spheres of industrial and domestic use.

  • GSM receivers
  • GSM tonometers
  • GSM trackers
  • GSM transponders
  • GSM replicators
  • GSM signaling devices
  • GSM monitoring
  • GSM control
  • Water meters
  • Electricity meters
  • Gas meters

Telemetry system. Household and industrial metering units.

Telemetry system on the basis of the 3G-Micro series provides processing of signals from analog primary and secondary converters of values of technological parameters and discrete signaling devices that control the technological process of gas supply and monitor the state of technological equipment.

Use of GSM channels

The transmission of technological parameters of the metering unit equipment is carried out via wireless communication channels of the GSM900 / 1800 standard, using GPRS and GSD technologies.

Flexibility and scalability

The use of "cloud solutions" in the organization of the upper level of the telemetry system makes it possible to achieve convenience in scalability and high fault tolerance of the entire complex as a whole.

Automatic transmission of readings

The monitored data is automatically transmitted according to a schedule via a GSM wireless channel to a "top-level" PC telemetry systems for post-processing.

Interaction with billing systems

The system provides for the receipt of indicators in the formats CSV, DBF, XLS, etc., thereby simplifying the mechanisms for importing information into the internal billing system of the enterprise.

Telemetry blocks. High performance and reliability, quality support, competitive price.

The 3G-Micro units exchange information with the "upper level" PC in the data transmission mode (CSD and / or GPRS) via wireless communication channels of the GSM standard.

Telemetry blocks series 3G-Micro are a unique in-house development of the company's design department Micronika, LLC. The units were created taking into account the peculiarities of telemetry tasks for remote control objects equipped with intelligent devices, including metering devices for the consumption of heat energy carriers. The main purpose of the 3G-Micro - blocks is the creation of automated telemetry complexes and the construction of information and control automated systems based on them.

In the series of telemetry units there are 2 types of units: those operating from an external DC +24 V power source, as well as autonomous telemetry units equipped with a 3.7 V battery.

Software. Development of complex IT solutions.

The department of development and implementation of software products of Micronika LLC is a team of highly qualified specialists engaged in the development of specialized software, both for working with devices developed by our company and on order. The developed and integrated software allows our specialists to build information and control systems of almost any complexity category.

Technologies used
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • Github
  • MySQL Database
  • Android
  • Apple

Web-management and telemetry system control.

Control and management of telemetry system parameters is carried out remotely through various devices and web clients, if there is no need to install special software.

You only need access to the Internet

Mobile control

One app for all clients

24/7 online support

Autobahn Transmitter Sender. Autonomous modules for control and remote monitoring of the condition of the roadway.

The modules operate under the control of internal software (hereinafter referred to as software), recorded in the microcontroller of the electronic board. The software provides control, processing, analysis of measurement results. The design of the sensors excludes the possibility of unauthorized influence on software and measurement information.

This module is the ideal choice for road conditions where the installation of the built-in road surface sensor is inconvenient or inapplicable. Remote installation means there is no need to cut a surface or close a road. In addition, such an installation is safe and convenient. The module is virtually maintenance free and is the ideal choice for road weather systems.

Applications: Bridge roads, areas with a high risk of accidents, areas with heavy traffic, areas with frequent rain and snow.

  • No flush installation required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can be installed on the current road monitoring system

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