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Automated system for commercial gas metering

In order to improve the accuracy of metering gas supplied to consumers, an automated commercial gas metering system (ASCAG) is being created and implemented.

When deciding on the possibility of using an automated commercial gas metering system, the supplier company assesses the expected economic efficiency from making such a decision, which is achieved primarily by being able to have high accuracy and almost instantaneous information on the consumed gas volume as the total amount for all gas facilities, and for each consumer separately, and this information can be obtained for those time intervals that are convenient for the supplier.

The main purpose of using an automated commercial gas metering system is to achieve maximum economic efficiency from its use, which will have the desired effect on the economic activity of the entire enterprise.

Also, the economic efficiency from the use of a commercial gas metering system is influenced by the rather low cost of switching to the use of this system (the company's costs for the installation of equipment, software, configuration) and the minimum costs associated with the daily operation of the system.

ASCAG solves the following tasks:

  • Provides the ability to maintain high-precision commercial accounting of the transported gas, by conducting high-precision measurements at the distribution nodes of the gas facilities of the gas supplier company, with the possibility of timely invoicing and drawing up balance sheets for the required periods of time;
  • Implementation of a variety of tariff plans for gas consumers, which has a significant impact on more rational gas consumption and attracting an even larger number of participants to the energy sales market, which form the demand for gas;
  • Ensuring the ability to perform technical control over gas supplies, with the help of which it is possible to identify the causes of losses, their timely elimination, as well as to significantly reduce other costs.

Brief description of the system

The ASCAG offered to your attention performs the following functions:

  • automatic collection of measurement data for the volume of gas supplied to consumers;
  • identification of gas imbalances (leaks, losses, unauthorized gas sampling) and the corresponding alarm about unauthorized impact;
  • archiving of meter readings;
  • prompt provision of information;
  • export to billing systems;
  • remote access to the account using web-clients.

System structure:


The data from the gas meter are read by the magnetic low-frequency sensor IN-Z61 and transmitted using the universal telemetry module UMT 3G-Micro via the GPRS wireless channel to the data collection and processing server.

Also, data from the gas meter can be transmitted to a radio transmitter, then wirelessly to a GSM-concentrator 3G-Micro CMG. The concentrator stores the data of all meters and transmits it via GPRS to the information collection center.

Main components of the system
  • UMT 3G-Micro Universal telemetry module for Elster meters with magnetic low-frequency sensor IN-Z61;
  • GSM concentrator 3G-Micro СMG;
  • GSM-module 3G-Micro SML-GPRS/3G;
  • Радио-module 3G-Micro SMZB-50/100.
Requirements for the ASCAG system

One of the main conditions necessary for solving the above tasks is that the accounting system being created would meet the relevant requirements, namely:

  • ensuring an appropriate level of system reliability, achieved by duplicating critical system components;
  • minimization of costs for technical support (maintenance) due to the available capabilities of centralized administration of the system, remote installation and configuration of operating parameters of all included components;
  • an expanded range of offered components and solutions, both in terms of application levels and functionality. Payment is made only for those components and with the functional set that is required;
  • monitoring of gas consumption in "real time" and ensuring the localization of the causes of gas imbalances (leaks, losses, unauthorized gas withdrawal);
  • a universal industrial solution that provides a long (at least 8-12 years) period for the release of compatible products by the domestic industry;
  • based on incoming and archived data, provide information on the volumes of expected gas consumption, taking into account seasonal irregularities in supplies and changes in ambient temperature;
  • control of the main operating and technological parameters determined by contracts and technical agreements on gas supplies.

Benefits of our solution

The commercial gas metering system is responsible for the most difficult and responsible work of accounting for the volumes of gas sold, which is performed by employees of the gas supplying company divisions, which eliminates unnecessary waste of time on movements associated with monitoring gas meter readings and associated costs, as well as eliminating possible errors related to the human factor.

Implementation of the proposed solution for the construction of an automated commercial gas metering system, with the installation of equipment manufactured by Mikronika, allows to properly increase the level of control over the volumes of gas supplies from gas distribution systems to consumers, as well as to qualitatively change the form and methods of relations between the supplier and gas consumers.

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