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Automated system for commercial metering of electricity

Today, with the current level of development, modern digital solutions allow organizing two-way communication between the operator of the electric distribution network and its subscribers who are consumers of electricity, which today makes it possible to introduce innovative solutions in the systems of generation and distribution of electricity. The application of one of these innovative solutions will be the design, construction and implementation of automated systems for commercial metering of electricity.

Advantages of ASCAE

The benefits of implementing automated commercial metering systems for electricity consumption for electricity suppliers are as follows:

  • improving the accuracy and speed of invoicing subscribers, as well as eliminating the factors of human error;
  • control of technical losses and reduction of non-technical losses;
  • control and monitoring of the load on the feeder lines;
  • reduction in total costs for meter reading, operation and maintenance;
  • improving the structure of consumption based on information shared with the subscriber through the website;
  • expanding the possibilities for applying a large number of tariffs for the supplied electricity.

Functions performed by ASCAE:

  • continuous automatic collection of data from metering devices and sending them to the server;
  • archiving of meter readings;
  • analysis of information on energy consumption to ensure its optimization;
  • identification of unauthorized connections;
  • remote connection and disconnection of electrical energy consumers from the network.

Brief description of the system

In the proposed solution for AMR, four levels are allocated:

  • уровень получения информации, на котором происходит получение информации от счетчиков электроэнергии;the level of information acquisition, at which information is received from electricity meters;
  • the network layer is a data transmission medium (in particular, GPRS channels and the Internet) with the help of which, from the collection and transmission devices, the data comes to the control and monitoring level;
  • at the level of management and control, data is collected on servers from all points and nodes of the lower level;
  • at the application level, using unique software, the obtained data are visualized, analyzed, control and management functions are performed, and reporting documents are prepared.

System structure:


Data from the gas meter are read by the magnetic low-frequency sensor IN-Z61 and are transmitted using the universal telemetry module UMT 3G-Micro via the GPRS wireless channel to the data collection and processing server.

Also, data from the gas meter can be transmitted to a radio transmitter, then wirelessly to a GSM-concentrator 3G-Micro CMG. The concentrator stores the data of all meters and transmits it via GPRS to the information collection center.

Selection of equipment for ASCAE systems

To implement the considered solution, at the first level of the system, electricity meters with a pulse output must be installed. These electricity meters are widespread in our country and are produced in a fairly large assortment by the domestic industry.

Here are some of them as an example:

  • Ryazan Instrument Plant: SET1-1-1-Sh-S2-U, SET1-1-1-Sh-S3-U, SET1-4M2-Sh-C2-D;
  • NPK Incotex LLC: Mercury 201.5, Mercury 202.5, Mercury 201.5, Mercury 201.7;
  • JSC "PLANT MZEP": MZEP SOE-52 / 50-11SH and others.

To determine the possibility of introducing this system, where electricity meters have already been installed, a visit of a company specialist is required.

The Micronika company produces a wide range of telemetry devices, which include:

  • GSM-concentrator 3G-Micro СMG;
  • GSM-module 3G-Micro SML-GPRS/3G;
  • Radio-module 3G-Micro SMZB-50/100 and others.

The Micronika company employs software engineers with extensive experience in developing software for modern electricity metering systems.

Our company is successfully developing and has an authority on the market for the development and production of equipment for automation of production processes . Check out our products and services. Perhaps in some way we will become useful to you today, as we have helped hundreds of grateful clients before.

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