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About Us

Our principles

Creation of equipment and systems that are reliable in operation, affordable and easy to use.

The main area of ​​work of the Micronika company is the production of gas metering equipment using automated systems for collecting, processing and transmitting data from gas metering units in the domestic and industrial sector.

The modern information collection system is designed to collect readings from apartment gas meters and transfer them to the dispatching office of the management company in order to carry out accounting and settlement operations. The work with the system and its components can be carried out via the Internet. This makes it possible to remotely control the object: the controlled building can even be located in another city.

Our advantages

High precision of measuring devices

The entire range of our measurement and control products (GSM equipment, 3G-Micro telemetry units, equipment for the oil and gas sector) undergoes extensive pre-sale testing and control and guarantees exceptional measurement and transmission accuracy.

Innovation and technology for the future

The use of the latest technologies by Micronika specialists in the development of hardware and software solutions allows us to create products and software services of very high quality that are optimal in terms of costs and cost.

Efficiency and professionalism

Our products are designed to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your company's production process management, and provide the ability to quickly integrate into existing accounting and process management systems.

Reliability and quality

The main task of the Micronika company is to provide our clients with a wide range of reliable and high-quality products and services. Therefore, the company pays priority attention to after-sales service, technical support and high-quality service maintenance of the entire range of offered solutions.

Our company is successfully developing and has an authority on the market for the development and production of equipment for automation of production processes . Check out our products and services. Perhaps in some way we will become useful to you today, as we have helped hundreds of grateful clients before.

Our products